Out Door Unit

Hi-FLEXi X Series

8 - 64HP

Hi-Flexi X series is equipped with large capacity full DC inverter compressor. The wide capacity range and compact structure design make it suitable for various place such as office building, shopping mall, hospital, school and so on.

  • Energy saving
  • Next-generation refrigerant
  • Humidity control
  • Airflow control
  • Designed in Japan
  • Air purification
  • Automatic filter cleaning


Hi-FLEXi G+ Series

Hisense G+ series is the latest larger capacity full DC inverter - driven multi-split central air conditioning product. It’s focusing on the customers’ requirements and comfort, representing Hisense high quality and technology. It’s characterized by:

Latest enhanced capacity series:

  • Brand new high-pressure chamber scroll compressor
  • Integrated high-strength structure and convenient installation
  • Adoption of double larger fans and low-pressure loss heat exchanger
  • Max.22HP single unit, 4 modules" combination
Hi-FLEXi G+ Series

Upgraded Core Technology

New Hitachi high-pressure chamber scroll compressor, enhancing the ef ciency

Adoption of the brand new high-pressure chamber scroll compressor realizes high ef ciency of motor, optimization of scroll plate and optimum fuel feeding, etc. and increases operation efficiency of compressor under overall operating conditions, especially, enhances intermediate performance greatly.

Hi-FLEXi G+ Series

Motor is the source of power of a compressor. G+ series compressor is equipped with a new DC motor (with centralized winding) which enhances performance of the compressor signi cantly at a frequency of 20-80Hz that the compressor operates at most frequently.


New-ef ciency

The Hisense G+ series adopts new structure and advanced technology, providing new High ef ciency combination solution.

Hi-FLEXi G+ Series

New Appearance

The built-in design of PP air duct ensures safety of inner core effectively

Combination of the integrated sheet-metal upper cover and protecting wire net structure realizes built-in design of PP air duct with optimal protection performance, effectively protecting important parts (e.g. fan) from being damaged when the machine falls from high altitudes.

Hi-FLEXi G+ Series

The 644mm large dual-fan leads the industry

Hisense G+ s5 of heat exchanger.

Hi-FLEXi G+ Series

New Installation

Static pressure of outdoor unit is up to 85Pa

The maximum static pressure of outdoor unit is up to 85Pa and is more suitable for layered installation and centralized installation.

The higher static pressure and longer air supplying distance of outdoor unit ensures smooth circulation of air ow and solves the problem of heat dissipation of outdoor unit effectively.

The outdoor unit featured with higher static pressure, well responds to the severe environment where the outdoor unit is placed at, is available for more exible arrangement and is favorable for concealed installation of outdoor unit.

Hi-FLEXi G+ Series


Hi-FLEXi G+ SeriesHP8HP10HP12HP14HP
Model Power SupplyAC3Φ380V~415V/50/60Hz AVWT-76UKSNA AVWT-96UKSNA AVWT-114UKSNA AVWT-136UKSTA
Cooling OperationNominal CapacitykW 22.4 28.0 33.5 40.0
KBtu 76.4 95.5 114.3 136.5
Power ConsumptionkkW 5.00 6.95 8.66 10.61
EER  4.48 4.03 3.87 3.77
Heating OpeartionNominal CapacitykW 25.0 31.5 37.5 45.0
KBtu 85.3 107.5 128.0 153.5
Power ConsumptionkkW 5.00 6.35 8.06 9.91
COP  5.00 4.96 4.65 4.54
Air Flow Ratem3/h 9,300 10,200 10,500 11,700
Outer Dimension (H×W×D)mm 1,730×950×750 1,730×950×750 1,730×950×750 1,730×1,210×750
Refrigerant PipingGas Linemm Ф19.05 Ф22.2 Ф25.4 Ф25.4
Liquid Linemm Ф9.53 Ф9.53 Ф12.7 Ф12.7
Hi-FLEXi G+ SeriesHP16HP18HP20HP22HP
Model Power SupplyAC3Φ380V~415V/50/60Hz AVWT-154UKSTA AVWT-170UKSTA AVWT-190UKS1A AVWT-212UKS1A
Cooling OperationNominal CapacitykW 45.0 50.0 56.0 61.5
KBtu 153.5 170.6 191.1 209.8
Power ConsumptionkkW 12.61 14.37 16.42 20.10
EER  3.57 3.48 3.41 3.06
Heating OpeartionNominal CapacitykW 50.0 56.0 63.0 69.0
KBtu 170.6 191.1 215.0 235.4
Power ConsumptionkkW 12.29 13.97 16.41 19.11
COP  4.07 4.01 3.84 3.61
Air Flow Ratem3/h 11,700 14,400 15,300 16,200
Outer Dimension (H×W×D)mm 1,730×1,210×750 1,730×1,210×750 1,730×1,350×750 1,730×1,350×750
Refrigerant PipingGas Linemm Ф28.6 Ф28.6 Ф28.6 Ф28.6
Liquid Linemm Ф12.7 Ф15.88 Ф15.88 φ15.88